Take a walk to the south

Take a walk to the south and visit the splendid city of Évora, where history can be found around every corner. It is possibly one of the places in the world with more points of interest per square meter. But in Évora, sight will not be your only challenged sense. The cuisine and Alentejo wines deserve a place of honour on this ride. Rich in local delicacies, the Alentejo region is undoubtedly a place of worship to the flavours. Taste the bread, cheese and some of the dishes prepared with the simplicity of regional ingredients and you will be truly surprised.

And why not meet Cromeleque dos Almendres, with 95 stone monoliths. It is a megalithic monument of the most important type in the Iberian peninsula, and one of most important of Europe. It will certainly be a good day out, in the quiet Alentejo.