Alma Moura and us

We are brothers and descendants of a Lisbon family that has its roots in this city. It was here that we were born, our parents, our grandparents, great-grandparents, and now our children. We know and love Lisbon deeply. But, we love to travel! And it was precisely in our travels that we strengthened our love for Lisbon and found that whenever we left for a new destination, we like to experience the life of the places we visited. The best memory that we can have of a trip does not fit in a bag, but in the heart and the soul. Alma Moura is the materialisation of an old family dream. We want to provide those visiting Lisbon the kind of experience that we appreciate and like to experience when we travel. Welcome to this house. Stay and dive into the unique experience of living in one of the oldest historical districts of the city, the real and charismatic people, and unique places we want to share with you.